Dating In Baldry

Four UNSW academics have been elected to the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia in recognition of their contributions to their disciplines and to society. Third appearance at Mardi Gras created a sense of empowerment for students and staff.

But do more prisoners equal a better society? In several Australian prisons, babies and toddlers live with their mothers who are serving time. Locking up kids damages their mental health and leads to more disadvantage. TODO: should we check for footer region first? UNSW has taken the lead on promoting financial literacy and independence among students. Keeping young children with their mums is a good thing, but they need to be better supported. How their mental health and future prospects suffer.

Eileen Baldry, Elizabeth McEntyre and Ruth McCausland. Babies and toddlers are living with their mums in prison. NSW imprisonment rates have skyrocketed to an unprecedented high despite a drop in crime rates.