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While later Best Beloved had the thought to check whether her wheelchair was there. Remember, then it switches from third person to first, and jumps back in time twenty years.

Playing an instrument, to negligible levels. The three of us were hiding out in a park somewhere. Those stories where one thing at a time, everything goes wrong, wronger, wrongest? Went through the gate, around the lake, to a house.

The entire book is composed of short sentences, sometimes fragments, sometimes intentionally split across two lines to appear as two short sentences when it is, in fact, one. We were on the verge of initiating a more aggressive approach when this happened. Said one unaligned Bay Area fundraiser. They said a dose of IV antibiotics and a course of oral antibiotics when she got back to the care facility would put her right. If you click a link that takes you to Amazon. Found a mindless online bubble shooter game to keep my brain quiet until she came back. Good food is a major driving force in her life. Ve had some flexible squishy tape wrapped around the last joint of my left index finger for over 5 weeks.

Add your thoughts about any Tweet with a Reply. Struggling through a book on writing with a title very much like the title above. How much has our stature as a nation fallen to have a President who lost the popular vote but won the Electoral College with Russian help to then beg for a meeting with one of the most brutal dictators in history by tweeting to say hello and shake hands like a Justin Bieber fan.

As I ran down the hill, a horseman came toward me out of the labyrinth. The damaged joint affects me physically, and concern about its future affects me emotionally. Remember a time a candidate grabbed a debate and just owned it the way Harris has tonight. Videos of Les Paul, a great enough guitarist to have the most famous guitar in the world name for him, show his aged hands twisted with arthritis, the knuckles swollen. Finally going to write what comes between. We made use of the separate private bathrooms, just because. First, a conundrum: the same joint on my pinkie finger on the same hand has the same severity of damage, yet feels no pain, no discomfort of any kind.

He was still Les Paul, still one of the greatest jazz guitarists in the world, ever. Deleting messages from her answering machine has eluded her for years. Hazy at this point, but later when she and I went back, the young girl was dead, probably because of the other guy. Seem as ambulatory as they expected, so she went to the care facility instead of home. The pain and swelling has been exacerbated by a cyst at the end of a bone spur. The person who answered the phone said, yes, she did come in by ambulance last Saturday. My friend knelt over him in the hallway for two hours doing CPR until the paramedics came.

Celebrate Christmas, that pretty much leaves the day before our anniversary full of fidgeting until we can leave for our annual trip. Cylinder motorcycle engine and I ran out the side door and around the hotel. Follow more accounts to get instant updates about topics you care about.

  1. being monitored is a huge relief.
  2. Biden said, letting his hands fall.
  3. They suggested the hospitals in the nearest big town.

Ve also mentioned over 60 people by name, endless features of nature right outside our windows, and things I try not to take for granted like indoor plumbing, air conditioning, reliable internet access, and working from the comfort of our own living, especially the part about working with my Best Beloved. Had some medical visitor, or social worker, at her bedside, when suddenly she seemed confused, in a manner and to a degree that prompted a 911 call. Weekday, so this was most unusual.

Dating portal Canfield. Ll spend most of your time, getting instant updates about what matters to you. Asked the Dalai Lama if he stood by his earlier comment that if his successor was female, she should be attractive. Have the strength for the phone call.

Below was a vast network of raised paths through a lake, with mountains on the other side. Hover over the profile pic and click the Following button to unfollow any account. Talk to her for a whole week. The nurse came, listened to her conversation for a minute, then took her to her room to assess her. Shortcuts for navigating to different timelines or pages. It has been a mite stressful, it has. Seen a brand new hotel being built at Lake Havasu, and wanted to stay there on the first night of our anniversary trip. We passed each other, him going uphill, me going down. Essentially bedridden, but she has an excellent support network through her religious congregation.

Been waiting to see a breakout performance from her and boy has she delivered. Left my little white breakfast plate with leftovers and a fork under a white plastic chair. When we arranged for her to have a working phone, and had a real conversation, she was coherent, cheerful, and pleased with the food where she was staying.

At 58, and her mother is still in pretty good health, this is our first experience with this aspect of caring for an elderly parent. This time, we left a day and a night before: late on the evening of the 24th. Tap the icon to send it instantly. Looked down at my shoes, and I smiled. The nurse from the care facility called when Mom got back there late that night with the same news.

Her car sat in storage for 15 years after she stopped driving. Next, the deeper issue: as a musician, the top joint of my index finger is vital to playing any instrument. RedBull Likely listening to house music. As effective as writing it down. She has steadfastly refused to move somewhere she can get the care she needs, despite falling multiple times. His mother, young enough to be my daughter, cut him down. When it hits 8 days, we call someone to go check. Things every day, so after the initial ease of listing my wife and daughter, friends, food, shelter, spirituality, it became a bit more challenging. Face told me our son was in better hands than ours.

Tweet with your followers is with a Retweet. Ron DeSantis signed a law on Friday requiring previously convicted felons to pay fees and fines before their voting are rights restored. Called the nurse on my phone while Best Beloved kept Mom talking.

Or maybe it was a bush. Not tech savvy, as in, her TV remote sometimes gives her trouble. Find my plate and follow the trail here. Ve had these two introductory paragraphs and the final action scene done for years. On the surface, that sounds like typical old guy stuff. And the oversized tub in the middle of the room, with the spigot in the ceiling so the water fell 10 feet to the tub. Joking with Putin about murdering journalists. Booked might be available today, a day early. It probably helps to read it aloud, getting faster and louder with each line.