Dating To Marriage Edisto Island

What worked here is not only romance but also family intrigue, kdramas rarely have.

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  • that biotch might as well have a 3 some.
  • are evolving in how they are depicting the family dynamics.
  • liked the way each episode started wanting me to watch more.
  • Han Groo and Yeon Woojin fighting.
  • Good thing her heart help her find.
  • feel so giddy whenever I see Jinwoon.
  • think this drama is very uninteresting.
  • Finally Kong Ki Tae and his mom can reconcile.
  • Han groo and Yeon woo jin are both brilliant in this.

Of course, the tracks do not plunge right into a relationship, but I really like this drama.

But the last two episodes are golden because they focus more on the theme of the family.

Initially, this is the moment when it takes place.

Love all the actors especially Han Groo.

One of the best rom com this year! Enjoyed much the each and every episode with inserted reaction sounds. Jst hope the remaining episodes are as good. He didnt become annoying when jang mi didnt come to their dates. Like this drama, because jinwoon oppa! The writer put so many heartbreak story, all of them came from a broken family, ki tae, jang mi, yeo rum, even the spoiling brat hoon dong. The script ruins the good actors all in all. Loved this drama so much bc of YEON WOO JIN this man and his smile amazing! Think ki tae need someone like jang mi who never give up in love, a loving person and a straight forwad yet not a hypocrite person.

I love watching this drama, I appreciate it so much in every episode where I never get bored.

He’s cute, but not my type, I guess.

My favorite episode so far, when Ki tae slipped and fell into the bathroom, buahahhahahaha after story, when Jang mi had to be loved!

To see the full list of OST songs played in this drama just google Marriage Not Dating OST and click the first link which is the DramaWiki link! Impose heavy idealism to the viewers but it did give some interesting points to ponder although it might not be obvious enough. Tae has no personality and the chemistry between the two main characters is virtually inexistent. Com drama ever, made me laughed in all of episodes and the loveline also quite strong, plus i really the lead cast acting, so natural and expressive but not overact, especially yeon woo jin! This is definitely a great drama to watch if you want to take a break from all the serious dramas. Watch till 3 episode both of the lead male and female are so natural XD Kong Ki Tae is type of guy who i will smack on his face after i talk to him for 5 minutes lol oh and Jinwoon acting is better than seulong. Without eiquette these people feed on others food, stay at others houses not being a proper guest or following house rules. Han Groo is so so so very very cute. Han Groo said she and woojin oppa will give free hug in gangnam, Sunhwa also said she will give free hug, Jungmin said he will change his hair color hehehe.

Such a beautiful person with such a bad childhood and all alone in the world.

The preview of 2 minutes at the beginning of the episode is great!

Jang Mi’s character was always funny and caring, even though she was not a genius, not all women are incredibly clever, but she uses her brain.

And called him several hundred times because she refused to understand that he was simply avoiding her.

Dont know why other people hated this drama and particularly at the 2 main leads because i love them both. Started watching this because there are a lot of good reviews saying that it was funny and one of the best dramas out there. Congratulations, you have made us all smile, happy, inspired, thrilled and even giggled! Seems a bit predictable, but it will be fun to watch for comedy. Would like too see Woo jin and Han Groo next drama. The main actress looks a bit like Yoona in the drama! Looking forward to have a copy of this.

Still as much comedy in each episode, the screenplay is also fascinating.

The only place where I feel a little too much, but it’s the need of the directors!

Ll just look forward for their chemistry. Hope this drama will continue soon. This story seems cliche: pretending girlfriend, then falling in love and happy ever after but the way the actor, actress, the writer and the director wrap the story is so good. Unlike the other channels the broadcast are free thats why they get high ratings. Really love the chemistry of gi tae and jang mi, they are so cute together that is why I hope to see them togethervin other dramas. Young man with lots of aspiration, he is also upright.

Like all couples have a love triangle.

Love Jang Mi and Gi Tae.

Living each other look like real. This drama will be a big success because people don really watch drama from tvN network so they don expect any good drama coming from tvN that why the rating for this drama is so low. Everything she do even in messy state she just look beautiful and the main lead is too handsome. Also interesting that Korean women seem to propose a lot more than expected.

Could finish this show after ignoring all scenes containing a second track.

Good to see and, hopefully, an inspiration.

This show is the best of the summer season.

He is beautiful every time they zoom in on his face.