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Known in the fitness industry, he shares the same qualities as all other recipients: a vision and a keen sense of business.

  • Levin and McHugh were told people would not want to live in the neighborhood.
  • It is today, thanks in part to Oprah Winfrey herself.
  • purpose clubs existed at the time.
  • known University of Chicago School of Law professor named Barack Obama.
  • We became very close to him and still are close to him.

Levi9 – One common goal

  • want to drive through the area back then, not even during the day.
  • He has boundless energy, an interest in every detail.

More than 33 years ago, none of this existed, and the surrounding River North neighborhood in downtown Chicago was almost dead.

In 2013, we always read newspaper copies of the East Bank Club, which offers just about everything for everyone.

The work is never late and Levin is involved in all the important decisions of the club.

Levin and his wife go to work together every morning.

He is really a genius in some ways, because he did something that almost all the experts at the time would not have found logical.

Worked in the health club industry as a bodybuilder or fitness coach.

Old real estate developer Daniel Levin opened East Bank Club. Theodore Levin, the oldest of eight children, ran a family law practice in Detroit for 26 years with his brother, Saul. You do not see photos of the famous members who have come and gone at East Bank Club.

The American architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

Build the club or other buildings as monuments for himself.

Photo courtesy of East Bank Club. But their time spent at the club and their associations with the club and CEO Daniel Levin have become the stuff of legend. For a video interview with Levin. He pops into the pro shop before noon and mulls over purchasing a cashmere sweater for his wife. Ambassador to The Netherlands from 2009 to 2011, recently went to France for a vacation and to see one of his daughters who lives there. But this particular project was not easy to get off the ground.

The Levin family is steeped in law. Foot parcel on the east bank of the north branch of the Chicago River for an apartment complex. Daniel Levin was third in line among his two brothers and sister, born on July 24, 1930. And of those 292 employees, 79 have worked 20 or more years, 37 have worked 25 or more years and seven have worked at the club 30 or more years. He can just keep going as long as his health holds out. Other members hustle through the front doors. Consider myself very passionate about the industry already, and he makes me more passionate. Mail addresses turn into links automatically.

Club Manager Simon Meredith has worked for the club since its inception in 1980. Millions of dollars in capital improvements a year.

They applied for financing with the Illinois Housing Development Authority, noting that 20 percent of the apartment complex units would be affordable housing. It is an investment in the future of the community and in the lives of the people who live and work there. Truman nominated Theodore Levin to become a federal judge for the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan. He graduated from the University of Chicago in 1950 and later earned his law degree from there in 1953. Career was moving forward, and a few years later in 1996, he was elected to the Illinois state senate. Patrons from the neighborhood are enjoying their morning. Many insurance companies turned down Levin and McHugh on the health club idea, but they finally received a small loan from Continental Bank, which no longer exists.

At the Chicago Industry Club Conference and Exhibition.

An August Monday at the East Bank Club in Chicago.

Opening party in December, however, eager members rushed to go to their lockers.

Be part of what makes the East Bank Club so unique.

For his work in what has become a Chicago institution with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

For Tommy Torres who has been nominated in the American and Latin Grammys.